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Find the right nozzle package

Find the right nozzle for your crops

With water being in short supply, every inch of water needs to be applied uniformly and efficiently to your crop. Uniformity ensures that you get the most yield for every inch of water applied. Efficiency helps keep your operating costs low and assures that every drop of water is used toward your end goals - a healthy, bountiful crop and money in your pocket.

Ag Systems will custom design a sprinkler package specifically for your field based upon many factors including:

  • What is your soil type and texture? 

  • What crops will you grow? 

  • What is the field’s terrain?

  • How much water is available?


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You can get all of your irrigation services from a business that has served the area for over 40 years. We are proud to help you get all the nozzle packages you need, so call now to learn more.

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Control Units

Growers can realize substantial savings when fertilizers and crop protection products are applied through center pivots, rather than using ground rigs or aerial sprays. This is especially true if the crop requires several applications in the course of a season.


Contact one of our professionals  who have training about how to design a nozzle package for your specific farming operation:

  • Correct Spacing is Critical

  • Low-Pressure Sprinklers Conserve Energy

  • Crop Protection Products and Fertilizer Settings are Essential

  • New Technology for Better Performance

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